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La Collection Profumo Maison Colosseo Profumo Maison Ripetta Profumo Maison Pellegrino
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When you want to belong to something, whether it be a city, a memory, a culture or a tradition then Rome is truly the Greatest Beauty, it can even be overwhelming. The Perfume Collection is the niche of travel. The place where your stay becomes a personalized experience within the Maisons in the heart of the Eternal City. Places with a special atmosphere drawing you in to them " living the experience here" amidst the pampering and particulars, you are sure to fall in love with the whole experience whilst having fun along with the various steps of intrigue.

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Profumo Collection
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The Maisons of the Profumo Collection take their names from the destinations of where they are located, in Rome they are all rich in history, art, culture and tradition. The essence of hospitality for the Profumo Collection is profound and special and defined by the experiences which created memorable stays.

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Maison Colosseo

Perfume Maison Colosseo is only a few steps away from one of the seven wonders of the world. The Maison blends together classic and baroque elements creating perfect harmony for an elegant and modern interior. The eleven rooms offer privileged and private settings, perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploring the city. 

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Maison Ripetta

It surges amidst the most evocative streets of Rome: Perfume Maison Ripetta. A street where contemporaneity and classicism come together in perfect harmony. Primula, Orchidea, Ninfea and Peonia are the 4 elegant and private suites for your romantic getaway in the heart of the Eternal City. 

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Maison Pellegrino

A few steps from Castel Sant’Angelo and the Tiber River, Perfume Maison Pellegrino. Live the experience of a sunset walk along the banks and bridges of Rome, savor the scent of jasmine in bloom and choose the luxury of one of the six rooms that Maison Pellegrino offers. A unique experience that combines the sense of feeling at home with the luxury of living a romantic break.   

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